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Our company specializes in implementing and servicing Comarch ERP systems. He deals with comprehensive implementation and post-implementation services. Integrated Comarch solutions designed for both small businesses and large corporations. Trust the professionals and focus on development! Manage resources and processes in your company using modern tools.

Software for every business

We present solutions intended for both small and medium-sized companies and large corporations. Below you will find the most important features and functionality of Comarch software.

Comarch ERP Optima

The effective functioning of the company in an open market of the European Union requires sophisticated, yet friendly tools, which, in addition to the possibility of recording economic events, present a complete picture of operational and financial activities of the company.

CDN OPTIMA CDN OPTIMA is designed for Microsoft Windows. It allows to work in a single location and offers effective networking. The system is compatible with external devices such as: cash registers, fiscal, label and barcode printers as well as touch panels.
Ergonomic and friendly program interface makes it easier for advanced users and beginners to work with the CDN OPTIMA system. They can use the context-sensitive support built into the program or use the CDN ASYSTA service.

Comarch ERP Optima modules

Modular structure ensures full integration and allows for flexible adjustment of functionality of the program to the needs of each company. As business grows, CDN OPTIMA program can be extended by other elements. It allows to maintain flexibility - one of the many advantages of IT OutSourcing.

A unique feature of the program is that it can be rented over the Internet through ASP - CDN Online platform ( CDN Online supports modern business management and reduces the costs associated with computerisation of the company. Through the Internet, the Users get access to information about the company from any place in the world 24 hours a day. Therefore, they can offer higher quality of services and efficient customer service.

CDN OPTIMA program is equipped with Microsoft SQL Server 2000 modern technology, providing reliability and safe data. CDN OPTIMA is also compatible with Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Windows 8/8.1/10 operational system.

Comarch CDN online

The idea of ​​ CDN Online is sharing a CDN OPTIMA program through the Internet in the service model - consisting in rental, storage and continuous updating of applications for a fixed monthly subscription fee. CDN Online is a working model willingly chosen by emerging companies, accounting offices and their clients, as well as multi-branch companies. For each company, CDN Online model represents a particularly interesting proposal, because, first of all, it allows to work with modern software without incurring the costs of a single purchase. This solution is not only extremely comfortable but also safe for all who want to use the opportunities offered by IT Outsourcing fully. The most important features are:

data are stored on several independent servers

data archiving takes place in a 24-hour cycle

customer data are protected from unauthorised access, 24 hours a day

use of Microsoft SQL Server

use of Firewalls

Data are encrypted using modern cryptography technology - 128-bit SSL key (Secure Socket Layer)

Comarch ERP XL

CDN XL offers on-line and off-line system of work for multi-branch companies with a complicated document flow. The software fully supports the work of sales representatives, salesmen and branch offices. CDN XL allows to use modern forms of electronic commerce systems in cooperation with EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) systems. The system can also be leased - that is, used over the Internet in the ASP model (Application Service Provision) through the CDN Online platform. In the CDN Online system, data are stored in Comarch Data Centre (DC Comarch), which are built with the use of the latest technology allowing to have authorized access to the system. This IT solution allows for data to be safe. This type of IT Outsourcing is also convenient and reduces costs.

CDN XL is an entirely Polish product, adapted to national and international economic realities, including the European Union standards. Comarch offer includes - dedicated local versions of CDN XL system for large and medium-sized enterprises. The system was designed by a team of highly skilled designers, programmers and consultants, who, together with Comarch Partners, offer a strong substantive support for Customers. Each new version of CDN XL system is adapted to changing legislation and is equipped with new features increasing ergonomics. CDN XL is a modern and comfortable IT solution, designed to improve the company’s performance.

Comarch ERP XL modules

Extensive functionality combined with parameterisation and configuration capabilities allows to customize the product to the Customers’ individual needs. Flexibility of the system allows for integration with external applications. Based on years of experience of Comarch and our Partners. ERP System Implementation Methodology has been developed. It allows to run a project according to a proven plan ensuring efficiency, optimisation and significant reduction of implementation time. It allows to save the time needed for the IT system to operate at full power.

CDN XL operates in a client-server system. Owing to modern technology - Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - provides efficient, trouble-free operation, data security and integration with Microsoft Office package. Additional tools extend the system by new features. The uniqueness of the product is enhanced by Microsoft BackOffice. The most important features of Comarch ERP XL are:

Automation of work and minimisation of the risk of errors occurring in the course of performance of operations on large data sets

Optimisation of the use of company resources as well as control and improvement of productivity

Cost and time-saving associated with a single data entry system

Updated information from different areas of the enterprise (company assets, expenses, income, etc.) in any cross-sections and required level of detail

Examples of implementations that we realize:

Server system implementations (Windows, Linux)
Microsoft Sharepoint implementations
Implementations and administration of MS Exchange mail system
Implementation of Comarch ERP Optima

Microsoft 365 system implementations
Implementations of virtualization systems (Vmware, MS Hyper-v)
Implementation of IT security systems
Outsourcing of IT departments

LSJ HR Group
Office 365

- Implementation of Office 365 on 40 workstations

- Migration of data to the cloud

- User training

- Post-implementation support

PDC Logistics
Outsourcing IT

- Outsourcing of IT specialists

- IT support for the most important logistic processes 24/7

- 24/7 support and monitoring of server systems

Shadowline GmbH
Outsourcing specjalistów IT

- Outsourcing of IT specialists
- Implementation of server systems
- IT support
- Office 365 implementation

Oktan Energy
Comarch ERP Optima

- Post-implementation support of ERP Optima system
- ERP Optima integration with external systems
- Outsourcing of ERP/IT specialists

Grupa Kozłowski
Outsourcing IT

- Comprehensive IT service
- DMS systems support
- Implementation of network security system