Server systems

Modern server systems

Our company prepares modern server solutions, designed as complex environments tailored to the needs of a particular company. We advise our customers what solutions should be used, so hardware and software are always selected individually. The main goal is to ensure security and performance while taking into account its expansion in the future.

The implementation of an appropriate server system enables the centralization of management, both of authorizations as well as all other IT resources. Such a system architecture in the company allows both the unification of workstations, work environment, as well as a common security policy and data archiving.

Key advantages:

security and stability of recommended solutions
high scalability (virtualization, cluster systems)
solutions tailored to the organization's needs
better control of data access security

storage and secure data sharing
high accessibility to resources, possibility of integration with cloud solutions
possibility of remote work

Safety and stability of recommended solutions

Building a server infrastructure boils down to creating an appropriate platform for the implementation of the most important services supporting the work of an organization. We provide services related to the preparation of professional server infrastructure for companies and institutions.

In our work, thanks to many years of experience, recommending solutions for customers, we are guided by security and stability of selected solutions, we use proven tools created by the best hardware and software manufacturers.

We prepare server infrastructure:

Active Directory
file servers
integration with cloud services (Microsoft Azure, Office 365)
servers for ERP systems and financial and accounting systems

backup servers
database servers
internet services servers
server security (anti-virus systems, WSUS update systems, Zabbix monitoring)

Managing server infrastructure

OutPro provides services related to server infrastructure management for companies and institutions. The cooperation consists in OutPro taking responsibility for the implementation of tasks defined by the client related to the maintenance of servers and services.

Most often we are responsible for the comprehensive maintenance of a company's server infrastructure. OutPro's engineers, acting as experts in server management for large companies, support and relieve IT departments, allowing IT specialists to focus on other tasks.

E-commerce systems support

OutPro provides services related to operating server environments for E-commerce systems. This involves the implementation, administration and monitoring of server systems for online stores, based on both Windows and Linux. We have a team of engineers, which provides access to services also in the model of 24-hour support.


Server virtualization is a technology for today's businesses. It involves running any number of servers within a single physical machine. This brings many benefits to both small and large organizations.

We provide services of implementation of virtualization solutions on servers based on Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware.

The most important advantages of virtualization:

reduction of costs of purchase and maintenance of server infrastructure
versatility - ease of running several different systems, separation of individual server services
security, ease of making full system backups
We can allocate resources for a virtual machine depending on the needs and on the fly (on the fly)
comfort in management, continuity of work
Thanks to virtualization, we can very quickly migrate a virtual machine to another host if necessary

Microsoft Hyper-V

Hyper-V is a professional virtualization platform developed by Microsoft and first released with Windows Server 2008. Hyper-V can function as part of the Windows Server platform, as well as a standalone server (Hyper-V Server) or part of a cluster running as part of Windows Failover Cluster services. A modified version of the Hyper-V virtualizer supports the backend of the Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform.

VMware vSphere

VMware vSphere is a popular software offering advanced configuration capabilities, especially recommended for deployments assuming full virtualization or in the case of hybrid solutions. Depending on the needs of your IT system, you can choose from: vSphere Standard, Enterprise Plus, Operations Management Enterprise Plus. VMware vSphere is a set of solutions for managing, monitoring and configuring a virtual data centre for companies.

Examples of implementations that we realize:

Server system implementations (Windows, Linux)
Microsoft Sharepoint implementations
Implementations and administration of MS Exchange mail system
Implementation of Comarch ERP Optima

Microsoft 365 system implementations
Implementations of virtualization systems (Vmware, MS Hyper-v)
Implementation of IT security systems
Outsourcing of IT departments

LSJ HR Group
Office 365

- Implementation of Office 365 on 40 workstations

- Migration of data to the cloud

- User training

- Post-implementation support

PDC Logistics
Outsourcing IT

- Outsourcing of IT specialists

- IT support for the most important logistic processes 24/7

- 24/7 support and monitoring of server systems

Shadowline GmbH
Outsourcing specjalistów IT

- Outsourcing of IT specialists
- Implementation of server systems
- IT support
- Office 365 implementation

Oktan Energy
Comarch ERP Optima

- Post-implementation support of ERP Optima system
- ERP Optima integration with external systems
- Outsourcing of ERP/IT specialists

Grupa Kozłowski
Outsourcing IT

- Comprehensive IT service
- DMS systems support
- Implementation of network security system