Microsoft 365

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), a collection of applications and services available from Microsoft servers. Use of this product involves a monthly fee, depending on the subscription chosen, payable per user. The Office 365 product includes Microsoft Office and cloud hosted versions of server products: Exchange Server, SharePoint Server and Lync Server. The services are delivered and reachable over the Internet. All Office 365 products provided online are automatically updated, so the user always uses the latest version when using the product (source:

Microsoft 365 cloud – implementations, migrations

Microsoft Office 365 is an extended cloud environment combining the features of a data exchange platform, communication and an office suite. Efficient infrastructure, created with a view to the changing needs of modern business, enables comprehensive organisation of work at all levels of enterprise organisation. With the support of OutPro specialists the migration to Office 365 in your company will be smooth and trouble-free. We approach each implementation individually, taking into account the specificity of a given business environment.

Once implemented, the Microsoft Office 365 interactive platform provides access to the following range of tools:

Exchange Online business email
Azure Active Directory user and computer management system
One Drive service - a virtual network drive for businesses
well-known office suite, including applications: Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, for Windows, MAC and Android operating systems

Teams platform for remote work, group work and videoconferencing
internal knowledge base - Sharepoint
add-ons that increase the security level of the platform
depending on the needs of the enterprise, Office 365 implementation in a company may concern a full package of solutions or selected applications included in the service

What applications will you get access to?

The core Microsoft 365 applications primarily include: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive, and Teams. For a full list of applications, click on the link

Migration of Exchange mail to Office 365

Moving Exchange service to the cloud is possible regardless of the program version you have - from 2003 to 2019. The system allows you to transfer both a small number of email accounts and mailboxes belonging to dozens or even hundreds of employees. Mail migration guarantees the effectiveness of the implementation of Office 365 in the Exchange environment also in the case of mails, contacts, calendars, and all other tools and content elements of mailboxes.

Migrating a file server to Sharepoint

Moving data to Sharepoint Online provides many new opportunities: access to data from anywhere, secure access and communication with a cloud server, file copy and versioning, collaborative work on documents, easy sharing of resources, access to data on mobile devices, synchronization with Teams and Exchange.

Implementation of Microsoft 365

By choosing to migrate to the cloud, you are guaranteed access to the latest editions of all tools included in the office suite. While optimizing costs, you gain the certainty of working on the current version of the software, without having to install anything in the local environment.

Microsoft Teams

Teams is part of Office 365 and provides communication for both the team of a given organization as well as the ability to invite people from outside the organization. They also allow organizing remote work even for a few hundred participants, without worrying about the performance and reliability of the server infrastructure. Teams is a great tool to conduct video conferences, share files, organize meetings.

OneDrive virtual disk

When you decide to migrate to Office 365, you gain excess storage space in your OneDrive virtual disk. If you implement Office 365 Business Standard, you additionally get as much as 1 TB of space to store data and software in a secure and fast online cloud.

What are the benefits of Office 365 migration for a company? The decision to move the Microsoft desktop environment to a virtual platform translates into a number of measurable benefits for enterprises. The most important advantages of data migration to the cloud include.:

efficient communication within the company - even in enterprises with the most complex structure
lower operating costs, easier budgeting and planning of software expenses
faster and more effective collaboration of individual work teams on key projects
more efficient work organization thanks to business e-mail and a wide range of online tools
unlimited access to the latest software versions from any web browser
full security of data stored in the cloud
simplicity of implementing Office 365 in any language, while retaining the existing settings on servers
a huge advantage of migration to the cloud are also comfort and full freedom in the transfer of individual services

Professional implementation of Office 365 - why OutPro?

The number of customers transferred to the cloud and adaptation of the process to the specificity, needs and preferences of the enterprise are definitely our strongest points. We know very well that each business environment is characterized by a different architecture, so we have never carried out two identical migrations. The starting point is always a thorough analysis of the current IT infrastructure, after which we create an implementation schedule in the company. The next element is the transfer of selected services to the virtual platform together with post-implementation training support and consulting.

Move your Microsoft Office services to the cloud, lower your business costs and gain complete independence - contact and tell us about your needs now!

Tell us what you need and we will choose the Microsoft 365 package for your company.

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Examples of implementations that we realize:

Server system implementations (Windows, Linux)
Microsoft Sharepoint implementations
Implementations and administration of MS Exchange mail system
Implementation of Comarch ERP Optima

Microsoft 365 system implementations
Implementations of virtualization systems (Vmware, MS Hyper-v)
Implementation of IT security systems
Outsourcing of IT departments

LSJ HR Group
Office 365

- Implementation of Office 365 on 40 workstations

- Migration of data to the cloud

- User training

- Post-implementation support

PDC Logistics
Outsourcing IT

- Outsourcing of IT specialists

- IT support for the most important logistic processes 24/7

- 24/7 support and monitoring of server systems

Shadowline GmbH
Outsourcing specjalistów IT

- Outsourcing of IT specialists
- Implementation of server systems
- IT support
- Office 365 implementation

Oktan Energy
Comarch ERP Optima

- Post-implementation support of ERP Optima system
- ERP Optima integration with external systems
- Outsourcing of ERP/IT specialists

Grupa Kozłowski
Outsourcing IT

- Comprehensive IT service
- DMS systems support
- Implementation of network security system